duminică, 23 august 2009

A modern bathroom design

I love this bathroom design. The light shades of gray and purple on the walls balance the strong silver of the bath tube and sinks. And those flowers...the perfect touch! Without them, this will look to formal.
This is a design by Viva Ceramica.

vineri, 21 august 2009

The perfect furniture for your little Cinderella

If your little girl's favorite story is Cinderella, I'm sure she is gonna love this fairytale furniture. Very durable and beautifully made, this will charm both your kid and you. You can find it in Mark Wilkinson 's store.

Cinderella Design?

Cinderella Design is trying to be a collection of beautiful interior design ideas and objects.
Furniture, accessories, lighting, rugs, floral and garden...all these wonderful things will help you make your life more beautiful. Enjoy!
Photos from Jayson Home&Garden